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The SOP is constantly working to strengthen the relationships between the communities in the four-county region surrounding Fort Leonard Wood. There are a number of ways you can help us achieve our strategic goals. They are:

  • Volunteer with one of our initiatives. Send us an email to let us know you would like to volunteer.
  • Talk with your neighbors about local issues and concerns; work to build relationships with those in your community and those in surrounding communities.
  • Be willing to learn more about the local region, including the Fort Leonard Wood mission, and how reduced or expanded force levels will affect the local economy.
  • Shop local and help strengthen our local economy. Remember, when you shop here, you help local merchants and keep your tax dollars in your own community.

The Sustainable Ozarks Partnership also works closely with the Missouri Military Preparedness and Enhancement Commission and Missouri's Military Advocate, Joe Driskill. Currently, the MMPEC is working to create a strategic plan that will provide recommendations on a policy framework and tools for the Governor and General Assembly. To review the presentation that was made at the public meetings that were held to collect input for this plan, click here.

The Sustainable Ozarks Partnership (SOP), a part of the Leonard Wood Institute (LWI), is seeking donations from individuals, companies, and financial institutions to help fund its work in support of the Fort Leonard Wood region. As an incentive to attract donations to SOP, the State of Missouri will provide 50% state tax credits to eligible donors for the next few years.

To learn more about the tax credits, click here.

To make a donation with your credit card, click here.

Strengthening the Fort Leonard Wood region